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Children Need Exercise

Most parents have heard the numerous reports detailing the lack of physical activity among children and how this problem is getting worse. To get an idea of this concern, please see the following link from the American Heart Association.


60 Minutes a Day
The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that children and adolescents participate in at least sixty minutes of moderate physical activity each day. For the benefits of exercise in children, please see the following link for the CDC.


Get Your Children Involved
There are lots of opportunities to get your children involved in organized physical activities, especially in the city of Boston. Different programs run throughout the year. The following link has a search in which you look for programs by activty and by neighborhood.


If you live outside of Boston, check your city's website or the local YMCA for ideas in getting your children involved.

Find Something Enjoyable!
Find something that is fun. Who wants to do things they do not like? There are so many choices for physical activity so find something your child will enjoy. Be creative. Does your child like basketball, dance, karate, jump rope, Tae Bo, biking, tennis or even squash? Does your child like team sports or individual sports? Try new things. Have fun.

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