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Dear Parents,
February is Black History Month, and this month's Social Studies unit will be on African Americans and the contributions some of hteses pioneers made for the Africcan American community.

Science - February is also Dental Awareness Month. We will be discussing some of the ways we should care for our teeth and what happens when they loose their teeth.

Math- We will continue working on writing our numbers 0-10. Some of the children are still having difficulty with this exercise. Please reinforce this at home.
We will also continue our rote counting exercises, paying particular attention to the 10"s, that is 30, 40,50 etc.

Language- We will continue our phonetic blending exercises using three (3) letter phonetic sounds to make words.

Special Events- On Thursday February 14th, we will be celebrating Valentine's Day with a party inour class. the kids are allowed to bring candy on this day to share with their friends. NO LUNCH BOXES NECESSARYlunch and snack will be provided.

Friday February 15th, Parkside will be celebrating a Multicultural Arts Festival. Parents are invited to this event, as we assemble in the gym and the classes perform about a famouse African American they would have discussed in their class, and also dress like them. Further information about this event will be given at a later date.

February 18th - February 22nd - Winter Break!!!

Please click here to download the 2007/2008 School Supply List

Thankful Thoughts


Click here to see our JK kids enjoy a bike race.


A News Reporter Dropped By
Leilani's Mom, a news reporter and producer stopped by to show us how to interview someone. She taught us how to hold the microphone and how to ask questions. Click here to see another interview.

A Policeman Dropped By
Isaac's dad, a police officer, told us what it is like being a police officer and what they do every day. He and his partners told us about their squad car and showed us the inside of the car.

A Science Teacher Dropped By
Our very own Mr, Dixon told us what is is like to be a science teacher. He did an experiment with JK showing us how to launch a rocket.

A Doctor Dropped By
Rachel's dad came by and spoke to us about being a pediatrician. He demonstrated how to dress a wound, and how to put an "IV" in. He also showed us how to use a stethoscope.

A Soldier Dropped By
Tyrone's Mom, and Sergeant Deese came in and taught us about Teamwork and the duties they are responsible for as soldiers.

A Fireman Dropped By
Amari's dad (a police officer) invited firefighter Moni to talk to us about safety. He also told us what to do in case of an emergency.

Special Thanks
A very special thanks to Nosa's mom who stopped by and told us what it is like to be a Physician's Assistant. She explained to us what she does at her work and how she helps people. And to Aaron's Mom, a beautician, who came in and showed us what her job is like.
We are looking forward to visits from other Community Helpers in the near future.

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